To put it simply, HMI or human machine interface is the relationship between a machine and the user. If your business wants to increase its productivity while also using an interface that is incredibly user-friendly then HMI is certainly something that you really do need to consider. The interface itself allows you to control different types of automation procedures within any industrial and manufacturing setting. Many businesses choose a simple design that shows LED screens and the same equipment is able to operate in fairly difficult environments.

There are a few types of HMI when it comes to screens and they are known as better handler which provides functions like logging data and then there is the pushbutton replacer which helps to totally streamline the many different processes that take place in manufacturing for example. Finally there is the overseer which is particularly useful when using any application where SCADA is used.

If you’re not sure if HMI is something that your business needs for your plant or facility then maybe the following benefits of installing such a thing can help you to make a more informed decision.

  • It locates malfunctions – Every line manager needs to know if a piece of equipment is about to malfunction or is malfunctioning at that time. It allows for a quick reaction time and a HMI can allow whomever is operating the machinery to get an alarm before the system actually get into real difficulty. The purpose of these alarms is so that you can address issues before they become problems and this helps with your overall productivity.
  • It’s easy to manage – Using this type of HMI technology, the system itself can make provisions for the different views of how your planned is operating and so the whole facility can be controlled from one location. It also means an operator can do their job much more safely because they don’t have to go near any areas that might be deemed dangerous and they can control and monitor from another location.

Everything in business is all about reducing your costs and so a human machine interface can reduce your overall operating costs and also reduce the need for additional cables and any other panels that you might need. If you want to improve your productivity, streamline your operations and provide a safe place for employees then you really should consider a HMI.

Miranda Paul