Effective product delivery is the final juncture of contact that customers have with a brand. Last impressions are as crucial as the first ones. In eCommerce, consumer loyalty drives a business towards success. A great unboxing experience cannot be created inexpensively but in this digital world, the efforts can go viral. According to a study, 35.3% of customers have seen unboxing videos and decided to buy. Shopping methods differ but product packaging and the unboxing experience are the same at the local retail or online store.

The eCommerce share of sales is significant and escalating every year for ten years. With such significant sales opportunities, the product packaging, as well as the unboxing experience, has to be on top of the eCommerce Company’s priority list.

Basic packaging practice to improve unboxing experience

Use branded boxes

You can check out the varieties of boxes from Belley, a packaging supplier. An ordinary box is not helpful to create a memorable unboxing experience. The box has to be YOU. The package has to define clearly, who it is from at the first sight or it will lose the initial drama and expectation you can leverage. For example, John’s Ice Cream box embodies its brand, which reminds the customer of the yummy ice cream that is within.

Make sure that your brand is consistent right from browsing products to purchase to receive. It helps to create a crucial brand story.

Get package size right

Customers get annoyed when the inner and outer boxes enormously mismatch. There may be many reasons why such things get overlooked. For example, the independent small store has limited warehouse space to store piles of sized boxes and they also need to train the packers. However, these facts don’t matter to the customer who opens the package.

Eliminate unnecessary packaging material

Many online customers complain about the packaging material inside including foam, plastic, or paper. It is messy! Recycling is crucial and customers care about recycling of product packaging. Opening a clean, simplified and intentionally-designed packaging is a pleasure. Removing unnecessary packing material can help in several ways like

  • Knight packing is cheap to ship
  • Eliminates the waste of packaging materials
  • Deporting wasteful packaging practice is great for the environment

Have the box designed with purpose and eliminate the unnecessary stuff!

Attractive packaging design impacts the human brain connected with impulsive behavior. Psychological influences can be manipulated to offer your customers an enjoyable unboxing experience!

Miranda Paul